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About Us

  • Welcome to our website;

    Ideal for animal lovers and nature lovers, guests staying at the HOTEL ELEPHANT BAY get to wake up to the sights and sounds of elephants. When you wake up, head to the restaurant area and enjoy your breakfast as you overlook the surrounding lush forest. Have your private elephant chauffeur pick you up from your room and take you on an elephant trek through Jungles and rubber plantations.

    Have fun bathing, milk feeding and petting the elephants before you enjoy an evening stroll around the botanical gardens at the hotel. After spending the day outdoors, head to the Safari Wellness spa and pamper yourself as you enjoy views of the elephants in their natural habitat. If your feeling more adventurous, mountain biking, hiking or trekking through the forest. Delight your taste buds with a four-course dinner at the onsite Restaurant before retiring to your cozy room.

  • About Us

    Awaken to sounds of the ma oya, music of the birds or trumpet of elephants walking across your back yard. All our guest rooms provide absolute privacy with maximum interaction with the untamed beauty of Mother Nature. The hotel has stood the test of time and coupled with every convenience a modern hotel can offer, continues to whisper legends of love and adventure to everyone who pass through its majestic corridors.

    The hotel offers direct access to the panoramic view of the Ma Oya River.A private balcony, restaurant, bar, and a host of other facilities. It is just two hours from Bandaranayke international airport. Pinnawela, about 80 km northeast of Colombo, is regarded as the biggest herd of captive elephants in the world. Among the elephants is one that lost a foot when it stepped on a mine. Another is blind and is totally reliant on humans. The elephant herd in Pinnawela makes the journey to the river twice a day to bathe under the eyes of the tourists. Hotel offers 14 rooms and all rooms enjoy the view of the elephant bath. The hotel is also a much sought after location for conferences, conventions, seminars, weeding functions Business meetings, private parties and cocktails with three. Venue to choose from.


  • Wedding packages

    Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life so to make it a memorable occasion for both you and your guests, why not have wedding ceremonies in a unique location in the very heart of pinnawala elephant orphanage. Wedding ceremony near to elephant sanctuary, with the ma-oya flowing in the background. Locations for the wedding: Hotel staff will ensure that your wedding is planned at the best location at the hotel. However hotel reserves the right to suggest/change available locations and are subject to hotel approval and external conditions such as weather, etc. Conference Facilities.

    Hotel elephant bay has become a favorite location for conferences and corporate events, as a result of the unique environment as well as our world class service and facilities. Our conference hall can be used for a range of functions with a variety of seating arrangements.

    Class Room

    “U” Shaped Seating Arrangement

    “E” Shaped Seating Arrangement

  • List of Other Facilities

    The hotel provides a comprehensive range of facilities to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our facilities and services for our guests include:

    Business Centre

    24 hour laundry service

    Wheel chair access to locations

    Children’s play area

    Children’s menus

    24 hour room service

    Foreign currency exchange

    Shopping (clothing ,handicrafts and poo paper )

    Doctor on call

    Bicycles on rent

Rooms and suites

Rooms and suites

TEL. 035-2266731
FAX. 035-2266731

(Period of 2013 NOVEMBER. 1st TO 31st OCTOBER 2014 )

All Rates on USD

Bed & Breakfast Superior Deluxe
Amenities at the Hotel Amenities at the room
Single 55.00 140.00
Currency Exchage Air Conditioning
Double 65.00 150.00
The Banquet Balcony
Tripal 75.00 140.00
The Restaurant Satellite Television

Liquor Bar Intercom System
Half Board Superior Deluxe
Single 75.00 165.00
Email Hot & Cold Water
Double 85.00 175.00
Free Wi Fi
Tripal 95.00 185.00

Full Board Superior Deluxe

Single 95.00 190.00

Double 105.00 200.00

Tripal 115.00 210.00

web :


Extra Bed USD. 10 nett per head

Meal rates for childern when sharing a Double room with 2 adults
( only 02 children allowed in the room )

childern aged upto 03 years free of charge

childern aged from 04 -12 years Half Board USD 20

Full BoardUSD. 1500 25

Wine and dine

Wine and dine

Sri Lankan history has left its imprints on Sri Lankan cuisine. Many regional foods are influenced by the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Malays, the Arabs, and the South Indians, all of whom have left their culinary impression.

Rice & Curry imprints the main Sri Lankan cuisine and it is the spiciest foods in the world. Meat fish and vegetables are prepared as curries, sliced onions, green chilies; black pepper, cinnamon, cardamoms, cloves, nutmeg and saffron are used to add flavors. Today rice and curry has shifted from being the popular breakfast to the essential lunch. A basic rice and curry requires one fish (or beef or chicken) curry, two different vegetables, one portion of fried crispy stuff like ‘Pappdam’, a ‘mallun’ of chopped leaves and coconut and a gravy or ‘hodda’ of spiced and cooked with coconut milk.

The hotel has the main restaurant that can seat a total of 350 guests. As well as several outdoor venues including rooftop terraces, where food is served on, special occasions. Chinese, Italian, Sri Lankan and Indian food is offered .barbeque food is offered on theme nights.

Each dish served is a work of art, devotedly crafted by our master Chef. The state-of- the-art kitchen, complying with international standards in food safety and hygiene, serves out a vast range of delicious dishes.

Breakfast on the river bed of ma oya

Feel like basking in the warm sun shine and lulling about elephant’s bath while having breakfast? Make meals a truly unique experience. The hotel will prepare a picnic style breakfast for you to enjoy on the river bed itself, swaying gently with the water.

Leisure Activities

  • List of Leisure Activities

    Bird watching

    Butterfly watching

    Elephant bathing

    Feeding Time

    Milk feeding to the elephants

    Elephant back trekking

    Elephant riding

    Mountain bicycle on rides

    Hiking /trekking tours.

  • Bird watching

    For a small island Sri Lanka has a rich bird fauna, and many passionate bird lovers rank Sri Lanka among their favorite destinations. 426 bird species have been seen in Sri Lanka, and 23 of these are endemic to Sri Lanka, that is, found nowhere else.

    Butterfly watching

    Butterfly watching likewise attracts great passion among Sri Lanka nature lovers. As they say where there are flowers there are butterflies and most of the butterflies in the world live in tropical countries.

    Elephant bathing

    The elephants go to bathe in the river everyday. The sound of camera clicking swells every time one of the elephant babies splashes about in the water. The visitors can also photograph elephants indulging in other games. You can capture them taking food or rubbing themselves on the trunks of the trees. One can see baby jumbos roaming around their cramped foster home or bottle fed and bathed by mahouts. However you have to pay extra for the privilege of photography.

    Milk feeding to the elephants

    During a visit to the orphanage you can evident two main activities. One is the bottle feeding and the second one is the elephant bath. (Park entrance fee and other charges would have to be paid separately.)

  • Feeding Time

    Feeding time is a must see activity, where all the baby elephants are bottle fed by powdered milk using feeding bottles. At 09.15 am 01.15 pm and 05.00 pm in the evening.

    Elephant riding

    Elephants used to be a major form of transport before the rivers and roads were discovered. They are still used these days especially in Sri Lankan dense forest and broad rivers where it is virtually impassable by other modern modes of transport. One of the best ways to explore natural wonders and be at one with Mother Nature is by elephants!

    One can experience elephant riding and arrange for an elephant tour at the many elephant camps around the area. Tourists wishing to explore the forest and visit the village can take elephant rides from a camp near by.

    Mountain bicycle on rides

    One of the advantages of a bike trip is the flexibility of the daily itinerary. It can vary widely from one trip to the next based on group desires, Mother Nature, and courtesy for other groups in the area. These typical itineraries illustrate a bike trip through various part of the area.

    Hiking /trekking tours

    For the keen, there is a load of opportunities awaiting in the luscious hill country .the beautiful area around Pinnawala provides a superb base for hiking and trekking tours ,through jungle, paddy fields and up mountains .Ma-oya is a another key attractions that allows hikers and trekkers to enjoy a refreshing dip enrooted in the same area the mysterious.

Eyewitness Accounts

  • Roo poo paper

    Hotel offers a chance to visit the elephant poo paper factory.Bringing new meaning to the term “reclaimed”, Elephant Dung Paper (EDP) is a paper made from recycled elephant dung at the pinnawala poo paper factory.

    The paper is 100% bacteria free, 100% odor free, 100% recycled and 100% handmade (with some help from the elephants).

    How is it used

    This paper is often used to make stationary and craft papers.

    How is it made?

    The dung is collected and cooked. It’s then cut and color is added, it’s weighed and made into balls. The balls are sifted evenly into sheets and put it in the sun to dry. The paper is then prepared and ready for sale.

  • Nature tours

    Bird watching

    For a small island Sri Lanka has a rich bird fauna, and many passionate bird lovers rank Sri Lanka among their favorite destinations. 426 bird species have been seen in Sri Lanka, and 23 of these are endemic to Sri Lanka, that is, found nowhere else.

    Butterfly watching

    Butterfly watching likewise attracts great passion among Sri Lanka nature lovers. As they say where there are flowers there are butterflies and most of the butterflies in the world live in tropical countries.

  • Elephant Museum

    On arrival at the Museum an impressive 50-year-old female Elephant skeleton greets you, a highlight of the Elephant poo paper Park is the fascinating Elephant Museum, which features over 100 interesting, fun and educational exhibits.Surrounding the Museum area are large graphic display boards informing visitors of every elephant fact imaginable and a continuous pictures educates people about the various aspects of elephants.The Museum also highlights the historical links between elephants and mankind and the folklore and culture associated with elephants, giving an educational experience and insight to how the elephant is fast becoming an endangered species. Some rare picturesque surroundings and the wildlife of its nature are amply demonstrated IN THE FOLLOWING PHOTOGRAPHS. “Other than elephants “(Photographs)

    THE wild boar.

    Bird watching.


    Land monitor and water monitor .


  • Elephant Conservation Project in Pinnawla

    We believe that informal support for volunteers is very important. A special volunteer program is launched by HEB(Hotel elephant bay) TO ACHIEVE THE PRIMARY OBJECTIVES OF THE PINNAWALA ELEPHANT ORPHANAGE .A standard volunteer placement is generally for a period of 3 months however placements can run for anywhere between 1 WEEK TO 16 WEEKS and all requests will be considered.

    The Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage was started in 1975 by the Department of Wildlife on a twenty five acre coconut property on the Maha Oya River at Rambukkana. The orphanage was primarily designed to afford care and protection to the many baby elephants found in the jungle without their mothers. In most of these cases the mother had either died or been killed. In some instances the baby had fallen into a pit and in Others the mother had fallen in and died. There are only few elephant orphanages in the world. Pinnawela has now become one of the bigger orphanages and is quite well known world wide.

  • Our mission

    Help the endangered pinnawala elephants by aiding in human-elephant conflict resolution and the effort to develop sustainable conservation strategies to protect elephants.


    Location: Pinnawela, Kegalle

    Start Dates: Any date is possible.

    Arrival and Departure Point: Colombo International Airport (both provide by the hotel)

    Language Requirement: Knowledge of English

    Working Hours: 25-35 hours per week.


    Hotel stay-We welcome all guests with Sri Lankan food.

    However we offer food (3) times a day.

    All volunteers would have the chance to taste all Sri Lankan, western menus, Chinese, Italians food and many more.


    Volunteers do not require any specific qualifications to volunteer in elephant conservation projects. But, volunteers should have a deep love for animals.

  • Elephant Orphanage.

    You will work as assistants to the "mahouts" (elephant handlers), getting involved in the following tasks:

    Work on a tough, physical research project.

    Interact with the local community.

    Learn about Asian elephants.

    Bathing the elephants in the river twice a day.

    Cleaning out and maintaining their enclosures in the morning.

    Washing and feeding the baby elephants.other assistance in construction or maintenance work (as needed)

    Education about elephants

    When you visit the hotel you will be shown through our museum which is a compilation of displays produced by us. Amongst our exhibits there is information about our Mobile Veterinary Unit, Asian elephants. A real life elephant skeleton. Detail analysis of pressure points and how a mahout controls an elephant. Photo gallery of elephants (mate, give, birth, types of food it consumes and registrations of elephants in the orphanage). This is the only educational resource of its kind in Sri Lanka only at pinnawala Poo paper Park

    Pinnawala elephant roo poo paper

    We also host a small workshop of converting elephant poo in to paper. This is 100% an organic, acid free and papyrus like paper. Volunteers can take part in making their own hand made paper and converting them to beautiful products like bookmarks, greeting cards; Note card and etc. (grab some tips off with talented paper artists).

    Price in pounds

    One week stay- £. 400/=

    Two week stay- £. 700/=

    Three week stay- £. 950/=

    One month- - £. 1200/=

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