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Awaken to sounds of the ma oya, music of the birds or trumpet of elephants walking across your back yard. All our guest rooms provide absolute privacy with maximum interaction with the untamed beauty of Mother Nature.

The hotel has stood the test of time and coupled with every convenience a modern hotel can offer, continues to whisper legends of love and adventure to everyone who pass through its majestic corridors.

The hotel offers direct access to the panoramic view of the Ma Oya River.A private balcony, restaurant, bar, and a host of other facilities. It is just two hours from Bandaranayke international airport.


Pinnawela, about 80 km northeast of Colombo, is regarded as the biggest herd of captive elephants in the world. Among the elephants is one that lost a foot when it stepped on a mine. Another is blind and is totally reliant on humans. The elephant herd in Pinnawela makes the journey to the river twice a day to bathe under the eyes of the tourists.

Hotel offers 14 rooms and all rooms enjoy the view of the elephant bath. The hotel is also a much sought after location for conferences, conventions, seminars, weeding functions Business meetings, private parties and cocktails with three. Venue to choose from.

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