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Roo poo paper  
  Hotel offers a chance to visit the elephant poo paper factory.Bringing new meaning to the term “reclaimed”, Elephant Dung Paper (EDP) is a paper made from recycled elephant dung at the pinnawala poo paper factory.
The paper is 100% bacteria free, 100% odor free, 100% recycled and 100% handmade (with some help from the elephants).

How is it used
This paper is often used to make stationary and craft papers.

How is it made?
The dung is collected and cooked. It’s then cut and color is added, it’s weighed and made into balls. The balls are sifted evenly into sheets and put it in the sun to dry. The paper is then prepared and ready for sale.

Nature tours  
  Bird watching

For a small island Sri Lanka has a rich bird fauna, and many passionate bird lovers rank Sri Lanka among their favorite destinations. 426 bird species have been seen in Sri Lanka, and 23 of these are endemic to Sri Lanka, that is, found nowhere else.

Butterfly watching

Butterfly watching likewise attracts great passion among Sri Lanka nature lovers. As they say where there are flowers there are butterflies and most of the butterflies in the world live in tropical countries.
Elephant Museum  
  On arrival at the Museum an impressive 50-year-old female Elephant skeleton greets you, a highlight of the Elephant poo paper Park is the fascinating Elephant Museum, which features over 100 interesting, fun and educational exhibits.Surrounding the Museum area are large graphic display boards informing visitors of every elephant fact imaginable and a continuous pictures educates people about the various aspects of elephants.The Museum also highlights the historical links between elephants and mankind and the folklore and culture associated with elephants, giving an educational experience and insight to how the elephant is fast becoming an endangered species. Some rare picturesque surroundings and the wildlife of its nature are amply demonstrated IN THE FOLLOWING PHOTOGRAPHS. “Other than elephants “(Photographs)  
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» Buffaloes
» Land monitor and water monitor

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