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   Leisure Activities
  * Bird watching
  * Butterfly watching
  * Elephant bathing
  * Feeding Time
  * Milk feeding to the elephants
  * Elephant back trekking
  * Elephant riding
  * Mountain bicycle on rides
  * Hiking /trekking tours.

Bird watching

For a small island Sri Lanka has a rich bird fauna, and many passionate bird lovers rank Sri Lanka among their favorite destinations. 426 bird species have been seen in Sri Lanka, and 23 of these are endemic to Sri Lanka, that is, found nowhere else.


Butterfly watching

Butterfly watching likewise attracts great passion among Sri Lanka nature lovers. As they say where there are flowers there are butterflies and most of the butterflies in the world live in tropical countries


Elephant bathing

The elephants go to bathe in the river everyday. The sound of camera clicking swells every time one of the elephant babies splashes about in the water. The visitors can also photograph elephants indulging in other games. You can capture them taking food or rubbing themselves on the trunks of the trees. One can see baby jumbos roaming around their cramped foster home or bottle fed and bathed by mahouts. However you have to pay extra for the privilege of photography.


Milk feeding to the elephants

During a visit to the orphanage you can evident two main activities. One is the bottle feeding and the second one is the elephant bath. (Park entrance fee and other charges would have to be paid separately.)


Feeding Time

Feeding time is a must see activity, where all the baby elephants are bottle fed by powdered milk using feeding bottles. At 09.15 am 01.15 pm and 05.00 pm in the evening.


Elephant riding

Elephants used to be a major form of transport before the rivers and roads were discovered. They are still used these days especially in Sri Lankan dense forest and broad rivers where it is virtually impassable by other modern modes of transport. One of the best ways to explore natural wonders and be at one with Mother Nature is by elephants!

One can experience elephant riding and arrange for an elephant tour at the many elephant camps around the area. Tourists wishing to explore the forest and visit the village can take elephant rides from a camp near by.


Mountain bicycle on rides

One of the advantages of a bike trip is the flexibility of the daily itinerary. It can vary widely from one trip to the next based on group desires, Mother Nature, and courtesy for other groups in the area. These typical itineraries illustrate a bike trip through various part of the area.


Hiking /trekking tours

For the keen, there is a load of opportunities awaiting in the luscious hill country .the beautiful area around Pinnawala provides a superb base for hiking and trekking tours ,through jungle, paddy fields and up mountains .Ma-oya is a another key attractions that allows hikers and trekkers to enjoy a refreshing dip enrooted in the same area the mysterious.


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