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  Wine and dine

Sri Lankan history has left its imprints on Sri Lankan cuisine. Many regional foods are influenced by the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Malays, the Arabs, and the South Indians, all of whom have left their culinary impression.
Rice & Curry imprints the main Sri Lankan cuisine and it is the spiciest foods in the world. Meat fish and vegetables are prepared as curries, sliced onions, green chilies; black pepper, cinnamon, cardamoms, cloves, nutmeg and saffron are used to add flavors. Today rice and curry has shifted from being the popular breakfast to the essential lunch.A basic rice and curry requires one fish (or beef or chicken) curry, two different vegetables, one portion of fried crispy stuff like ‘Pappdam’, a ‘mallun’ of chopped leaves and coconut and a gravy or ‘hodda’ of spiced and cooked with coconut milk.

The hotel has the main restaurant that can seat a total of 350 guests. As well as several outdoor venues including rooftop terraces, where food is served on, special occasions. Chinese, Italian, Sri Lankan and Indian food is offered .barbeque food is offered on theme nights.

Each dish served is a work of art, devotedly crafted by our master Chef. The state-of-the-art kitchen, complying with international standards in food safety and hygiene, serves out a vast range of delicious dishes.

  Breakfast on the river bed of ma oya
  Feel like basking in the warm sun shine and lulling about elephant’s bath while having breakfast? Make meals a truly unique experience. The hotel will prepare a picnic style breakfast for you to enjoy on the river bed itself, swaying gently with the water.

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